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Christine Kan

Having worked in the cultural and education sectors in Hong Kong for 15 years, Christine has gained extensive exposure in event organizing and arts education across tertiary institutions, government departments and non-profit arts organizations such as The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Cultural Presentations Section of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department just to name a few. Being a devoted advocate of arts and culture, Christine actively engaged herself in numerous public workshops and seminars on arts education as well as cultural conferences such as Cultural Leadership Summit and Asian Cultural Co-operation Forum. She particularly enjoys meeting various educational ends by introducing diversified arts and cultural activities or programs to high school and college students. Recently she completed the Executive Program on Arts and Culture Strategy offered by the University of Pennsylvania and National Arts Strategies.

Yoshitomo Nara: Life is Not Only One…with Art

What an extraordinary experience it is to visit Yoshitomo Nara’s “Life is Only One” exhibition – it feels like walking with this iconic artist a part of his unique journey of life! This first solo exhibition of Nara in Asia outside of Japan is a well-crafted personal statement that certainly touches your heart with his absolute sincerity.

奈良美智「無常人生」- 以藝術改變生命