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Cindy W. Le Gall

曾為香港某大上市企業的總零售市場經理, Cindy一度負責13家商場的市場推廣 。 在職業生涯得意之時,她辭去工作,遠赴巴黎,在巴黎索邦大學學習藝術史。 她的碩士論文研究主要環繞江戶時代兩位著名的日本藝術家 – 北齋的插圖書籍和白隱的禪畫的關係。她既是一個熱衷於藝術的研究者,也是一位熱心的業餘作家。 她的著作“飛法女子輕私語” 於2016年在香港出版,並在巴黎的Phoenix書店有售。


Passionate about art, just because ART matters !

  • Graduate of Master in Art History of Paris-Sorbonne University
  • Current translator of Louvre Museum
  • Founder of @macaron_tote online concept store
  • Writer of “Whisper of a lady travelling to France”

The blog artvue was founded in 2015. The first half of its life was dedicated to sharing articles and information about exhibitions to people in my home country. Articles were written in English and French.

Now, artvue is entering into the second half of its life. In this stage of its life, I choose to use my mother tongue to share art of today and interesting artworks in the Louvre Museum to people in my motherland.

Click here to know more about the founding objectives of us in 2015 :  artvue 2015

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