An Interview with the Creator of artvue

Hello!  The interview today is very special because the interviewee has the same name as me!  Cindy, a student of Art History in Paris-Sorbonne University, and is also the creator of the art and culture website artvue.

Cindy in Wonderland (CiW): Can you tell us what is the website “artvue” about?

artvue: artvue is a website created for sharing art and culture related experience, learning and opinions.  We go to museums, heritage sites, historical monuments, we see exhibitions, and then we write what we see and think.

CiW:  So artvue is an informational website of all updated news in the art world?

artvue: Yes and no.  We try our best to share the information we know, the exhibitions, the events.  But this is not our primary focus.  What we want to achieve, is to share our views, from the perspective of an art historian or art practitioner.  We hope readers to be able to take away at least some learning about the history, the technique, the composition, and the presentation of the works/exhibitions after reading our articles.  Our articles are not purely sentimental and informational.

CiW: There are a lot of art critique columns or magazines all over the world, how can artvue differentiates from them and stands out from the competition?

artvue: We don’t really see a need to stand out from or compete with anyone.  As I said, artvue is created for SHARING.  The priority for us is to arouse or ignite the passion for art in people, by furnishing them with both art knowledge and information.  Sharing also implied exchange – exchange of knowledge and thinking.  We hope people also use this platform to share their point of views with us.  By exchanging, we learn and we grow.  Artvue is not our website, it is your website—you are one of the participants.

CiW: Wow!  I can feel your passion in art!  I know that your previous training is about commerce and management, and you were in a good position in the marketing of a big international enterprise in Hong Kong.   Why did you make such a move to learn the art?

artvue: It’s simply because I love art.  Life sometimes should be about doing what you like instead of doing what (you think) you must.

CiW: The name artvue seems not English.  Is there any meaning behind the name?

artvue: Vue is French.  The English meaning is view, gaze, or sight.

CiW: So there will be articles in French?

artvue:  Basically, artvue is in English and Chinese.  It includes mostly the writings on happenings in Paris, Hong Kong and New York.  But I will sometimes write in French, if you all can bear with my poor French.

CiW: Why Paris, Hong Kong and New York?

artvue:  Our core writers stay in these 3 places.  We can have a closer touch with the happenings in these cities.  Moreover, after staying in Paris for few years, I see that there are a lot of people interested in the Chinese culture.  I am moved when I see them paying efforts to learn Chinese.  It is indeed not easy to learn a new language, especially when Chinese is not composed of the alphabets.  I hope to do a little bit more, with my physical presence here, to let them have easier access to the Chinese culture or Hong Kong culture.  It is also because people here give me a lot of help and chance to learn their culture, by accepting my limitations and accommodating my poor language.  I hope they can enjoy the same for Chinese culture and learning, with my tiny little effort.  I really like this kind of peaceful and heartfelt EXCHANGE!

CiW:  The logo and website design is composed of 3 colors, red, blue and white.  It represents your France Passion?

artvue: I will not deny that I am addicted to this country, but there is more than just France Passion behind the design.  At first, the core color of the design is red because it is a warm tone which yields a more friendly feeling.  But blue is my favorite color.  I have struggled for quite a while whether to include both blue and red because basically I like simplicity and I find it more harmonious with fewer colors or even monotone.  But then a word popped up in my mind: ACCOMMODATING.  Then I added in the blue, not because this makes up a presentation of France, but more because I think the world will be more beautiful with an accommodating attitude.  artvue respects that each of us has his own taste and accommodates the different opinions under our roof.

Every person can have their preference, I like blue, you like red, but not that it’s because I like blue so I don’t allow you or scapegoat you for liking red.  No one is purely neutral, all the same in the art world.  As for the articles written here, the writers express their thinkings; this has already reflected to a certain extent their preferences or taste.  For example, I like the paintings in the Romantic period and you those in the Contemporary period.  But it’s not that I like the Romantic paintings that I have to ban the contemporary art from my experience.  I open my mind to learn what contemporary art is all about, its history, central idea and core techniques.  We accommodate the differences, and then our knowledge grows.  We advanced.  I am a bit upset at this point because of the lately vandalism happened to the works of Anish Kapoor at Versailles, which are perceived by some as ugly and against the fine art and classic of the château.

Here, writers of artvue have their own opinions, but we also accept those of the others, as long as they are sensible and not offensive.  There is no high art / low art.

CiW: Great!  I have had a very positive thinking lesson through this interview and started to have a bit of passion for art now.  I know artvue is newly established, can I come back in a month’s time and conduct another interview so that you can tell all of us how things are going on?

artvue:  Sure.  You are welcome!

CiW: And next time in French?

artvue: Sois sage!

Interview by: Cindy in Wonderland

Hongkongaise, blogueuse à HK et à paris, en train de publier un livre à HK pour partager ce qu’elle voit et pense.

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